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          • is structured around the knowledge, dispositions and performances of school counseling professionals
          • 包括学校基于站点的预实习,实习和实习经历
          • 设计与大学,学校和教育机构合作
          • 着眼于学生的P-12发展需要
          • 强调重视多元化和相似性
          • 预计技术能力
          • 强调促进所有学生的中学后成功
          • prepares counselors with general practice skills as well as specialized school counselor skills
          • prepares counselors to serve as team members empowered to accomplish meaningful systems change
          • 显示结果毕业 
              CACREP生命统计 (下载PDF)
              项目评估报告 (下载PDF)



          • Who are leaders promoting educational success for all students by developing and managing school counseling programming related to academic, career, social, and emotional growth
          • Who use facilitative, consultative, and collaborative leadership skills to provide a certainty of educational opportunities for all students
          • Who collaboratively design, coordinate, implement, and evaluate student assistance (counseling) services
          • Who collaboratively design, coordinate, implement, and evaluate education and career (guidance) services


          All students will demonstrate knowledge, performance, and dispositions in the areas of:

          • 教育学院 核心价值:
            • 诚信和责任的力量
            • 教学,学习和辅导的兴奋
            • 多样性和相似性升值
            • 理论,实践和协作的挑战
          • National credentialing standards for professional counselors and school counselors.
          • 国家资格认证标准的校外辅导员。
          • 国家和国家认可的课程标准。
          • 国家和国家认证监督的临床实践标准。
          • 国家技术标准。



          澳门银河官网 - 线上游戏平台 学校心理咨询 graduate students will go through the graduate program as a cohort. Being part of a cohort means:

          • You will always be identified with the cohort group you start the program with and cohort members will have a special means of identifying one another...you'll see!
          • Everyone in your cohort will begin the program in an orientation session held immediately prior to the beginning of fall semester classes.
        • You will be given preferential treatment when it comes to enrolling in the practicum and internships associated with your cohort.
        • You will have monthly group meetings with your cohort during regularly scheduled class times.
        • 预计技术能力

          学生们 should have easy access to the internet as most courses use Moodle的 to post documents and assignments.




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        • 学校辅导员在所有教育水平: 


          从拍摄 职业展望手册.

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